Make the Most of Your .WS Email

Brand Yourself

We have talked about the power of branding yourself with your .WS domain, but did you know that extends beyond your WebSite? GDI’s webmail comes standard with 10 email prefixes as well as 10 forwarded prefixes and a 1GB mailbox. ? With GDI’s webmail, you can promote your brand with each message you send!

Avoid the Trash

We all do it: sorting through your emails and deleting messages from people you don’t know or These domains don’t give the personal or business information you need to decide if you should open an email, so to be safe, you just delete it. Your personalized .WS email domain helps to fix this. People can now see that you’re as opposed to the impersonal helping to get your message read and save you from the preemptive delete.

View Anywhere

Did you know you can access your email from any connection in the format you like and even on your mobile device? GDI’s personalized webmail can be viewed in HTML, AJAX or mobile based and offers POP3/IMAP support.

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