Representing GDI the Right Way

GDI gives those interested a chance to become an affiliate and as such represent the company. Because of this, it’s important to respect GDI for the sake of yourself, the company, and your fellow affiliates. You are in the unique position of being a representative for a company and how you represent it is important. Making false claims and lying about your business can land you in hot water in many ways but also damage the reputation of GDI and hurt your fellow affiliates. Read our examples below and work to represent yourself and GDI in the best way.

You don’t have to share all your secrets

…but that doesn’t mean you have to be so vague people don’t know what they are signing up for. You can develop a great system that you want to keep for your personal GDI team, but you don’t have to be so quiet about it that people don’t know what they’re in for. Share what GDI is and some of how you have been successful. Don’t give away all of your trade secrets, but do be honest.

Share the promise of income for life

…but don’t make promises for huge sums of money that you can’t follow up on. With affiliate programs, you get back what you put into it and this will be different for each affiliate. Do not overextend yourself and advertise to potential downline members an amount of money you can’t promise. Be real with what you’ve worked for and what others might expect.

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