Aug 082012

By now you’ve probably heard about our two new bonuses: the Learning Bonus and the Duplication Bonus. If you haven’t been to your Members Area just yet, head there now to see which bonus(es) you are eligible for and how you can achieve them. If you’re still considering joining GDI here is one more reason to: you can earn $25 just for completing a few easy steps to make you a more educated and prepared affiliate. Just how easy? Check out the list below of tasks to complete and decide if GDI and the Learning Bonus is right for you.

  •  Convert from a trial member to an ACTIVE GDI member
  • Create a GDI email address with your .ws domain
  • Send out at least 5 invites using one of the GDI Inviter tools
  • Refer one converted signup. This means a signup must convert to active after the 7 day trial to count towards your bonus.
  • Create any WebSite you would like at your .WS by using our SiteBuilder or WordPress plugin.
  • Email our Support Team at from your account with the link to your new WebSite
  • Set your preferred commission method within the Members Area
  • Send your signed documentation to GDI support


Do these sound like steps you can accomplish? If so it’s time to join GDI today to begin working towards your Learning Bonus! Or you can learn even more with our video presentation.

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