Do You Want to Earn a $250 Bonus?

The Duplication Bonus is our newest bonus to reward our affiliates who are great at building an educated team. The Duplication Bonus of $250 is earned when 10 of your direct signups each complete the Learning Bonus. The Learning Bonus provides a $25 incentive for your new signups to get to know GDI and get started the right way. With a $25 incentive for completing some simple “get started” steps, there’s no reason a new signup wouldn’t be interested.

To get the bonus simply inform your new signups (they must new customers) of the Learning Bonus and encourage them and assist them with each step as needed. As your signups complete their Learning Bonuses they will be added to you Duplication Bonus progress. Check back often to see how your team is doing and how you’re progressing towards $250! The best part is that the Duplication Bonus is unlimited, meaning you earn $250 for each set of 10 signups that complete their Learning Bonus.


See how you’re progressing towards the bonus here. Best of Luck!

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