What Not to Do as a Beginner

Starting something new can be overwhelming no matter what it is. As a new GDI affiliate, you are undertaking something that is easy and designed to help you succeed, but no less overwhelming. It’s important as a new affiliate to understand why you’ve joined GDI and what you hope to achieve. These are two things you must ask yourself when you join. Questions other than these can be answered by your helpful upline, online resources, or our support team. There are many ways to succeed with GDI, but there are a few ways not to, below you’ll find our two biggest beginner DONTS.

When you are new to GDI DON’T:


As we said above, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but it’s important not to respond by panicking. This means taking the time to address you fears and ask questions related to them. What is so scary about starting a new opportunity? Work to answer these questions yourself and then think of thoughtful questions for your upline. If you’ve identified what you’re afraid of, ask for help on that topic. GDI is a small investment to start your own business. Take the time to work through your fears and questions and don’t panic. Doing something the right way takes time.


If you’ve had the pleasure of joining us for our webinars in the past, you have been able to hear one lesson from top affiliates again and again. Huge success takes time to build. Many of our top affiliates started out slowly, and if they quit in the beginning they never would have been able to achieve the level of success they have now. Each affiliate should take the time to build their business, work with their upline and take advantage of the marketing tools GDI has to offer. Success cannot be achieved by throwing in the towel early.

Best of luck to our beginners!

To our seasoned affiliates, have you ever panicked?

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