Three Beginner Mistakes

We want all of our affiliates to be successful with GDI, but like beginners to any business, mistakes will be made, slowing down success. Below you’ll find three common beginner mistakes and how you can fix them and be on your path to Income for Life.

Failure to Follow Up

Mistake: People you send your site to aren’t signing up and you’re just letting them go.

Solution: Sending the email sharing your site is not the first and the last step you take to sign up new team members. You need to follow up with each and every person you reach out to. First, simply ask if they did get to see your site. If not, ask them why. If someone did visit the site, find out why they are hesitant to join and try to fix that. Follow up, ask questions, and address issues.

Network marketing is about building that network, and to do so, you must follow up and not let people slip through your fingers.

Failure to Set Goals

Mistake: You hope to make money with GDI, but haven’t set any goals beyond that.

Solution: Set beginner goals, achievable goals and reach goals. Keep assessing and moving your goals. If you do not set goals, how can you be sure when you have been successful? As you just start out, set attainable goals and be sure to check them off as you reach them. As you get more familiar with GDI, keep pushing those goals further while still remembering all you have accomplished before.

Working from home is a great goal for network marketing and GDI, but be sure to set smaller goals to help you get there.

Failure to Reach Out

Mistake: You’re lost and don’t know where to start.

Solution: Reach out to your upline. GDI offers many resources for your questions including our support team, social media sites, and forums, but your upline should be your first life line. Your upline has more experience in GDI than you and can answer your questions. Reach out to them when you’re just starting out for advice and help, after all, they brought you onto GDI, it’s their duty to help you.

Network marketing success is based in your team and your network, so reach out to them!

What mistakes have you made building your business? How did you right them?

2 thoughts on “Three Beginner Mistakes”

  1. Hello,
    I would like to say first off that I love GDI. I have a dwnline of almost 100 peole now. The thing is that when I joined we were using GDI to compliment another system we were working in which we needed a domain. The question I have is what do I say to people who don’t really have a need for a domain. How do we convince those who are just everyday folks that this can be something they need. I have sent out tons of invites and have gotten some responce but I dont know how to sell this to everyday people who don really have a need for a domain. My upline all use this with their buisness and don’t really try to sign up people that aren’t in their buisness so they can’t really help me much. My buisness makes it eas to get people to sign up but I want to grow more than that. Any sudgestions. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kelly, The simple answer is to market it just as an affiliate program. Though these people may not have a need for a domain, the people in their network may need one. This is a great question though and we will do research in to more ways you can market it, aside from the domain. Expect a blog post on in this coming week. Enjoy your weekend!

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