Your Year End Business Plan

As 2012 approaches, many of us will be taking the time to reflect on our personal successes and challenges in 2011. You should also be taking the time to reflect on your network marketing experiences in 2011. We share some questions you should be asking yourself about 2011 and our tips for making 2012 you most successful year below.

Assess 2011

It’s always a good idea to measure you success at the end of each month and keep a running document of this information. But if you haven’t been too good at keeping track of this information in 2011, you can still easily assess the year. Ask yourself a few key questions. What was my biggest success? What was my biggest challenge? How often did a lose a team member? How much time did I spend on building my business with GDI each week? The answers to these questions can give you a simple overview of your year and allow you to get brainstorming for 2012.

Set New Goals

Based on the answers to the above questions and what you hope to achieve in 2012, it’s time to set some new hard goals and deadlines. These goals can be based on numbers, like how many hours put into building your business, or how many team members you signed up. You can also set goals based on personal growth and helping others, like making sure to attend each GDI webinar, or to help answer questions new affiliates may have on Facebook.

Make Plans to Reach Those Goals

Now that you’ve set your goals, you need to take the time to write out the steps that will help you achieve those goals, like we did below:

Goal: Sign up 5 new team members per month

Steps to Achieve Goal:

  • Create simple duplication system
  • Build network through social media
  • Attend local business events to share my GDI opportunity
  • Reach out to upline each month for advice
  • Attend weekly webinars and encourage new team members to attend

Check back with these goals every couple of weeks to ensure you are on your way to achieving them and making 2012 your most successful year yet!

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