How to Benefit from Twitter’s New Activity Feed

For those of you already on Twitter, you may have noticed that within the past few months, Twitter has rolled out a new way to see what the people you following are doing, and what your followers have to say about you and who they are. This can all be found under the “Activity” heading on your Twitter homepage. This new feature is great for those using Twitter to build their GDI business and team. Here’s how:

Who is Following Whom

In your activity feed, you can now see some of the recent activity of people you are following all in one place. This includes being able the recent followings of those you follow. This will enable you to build up a network even faster, see who these people are following and if they can be any help to you. You can always immediately follow these people in hopes of a followback and chance to start up a conversation.

Favorited Tweets

Also in this activity timeline you can see recently favorited tweets. This is beneficial to helping you learn more about the people you are following, but also what they are sharing. People often favorite great articles, blogs or just great tweets, so check them out and see how these favorites might help you.

Instant Retweets

Twitter always allowed you the power to see who was retweeting what including your tweets, and now you can see it in real time. Check on this activity and take the time to thank people who retweet your tweets to build up a dialogue. Also see what people are retweeting to see top information and news.

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