Can I purchase IDNs at anytime?

Absolutely. As of July 27th, IDN purchase was open to everyone and you can purchase an IDN your IDN at any time through

How long will I have my IDN for?

You can purchase and IDN for one year for as little as $5 dollars. Your IDN can be renewed yearly to ensure you keep the domain name.

Do I have to buy pay per language?

Yes, but lucky for you, some languages may translate the one word the same way, essentially allowing you to have two IDNs for the price of one. Head over to our search on to search for examples of these deals. Look for the star next to the possible domain name indicating more than one language uses that word.

Can I add services?

Yes! Your IDNs can be managed using the exact same services you use everyday through GDI for just $10 per month. You can easily build out your IDN, add email addresses and more for just $10.

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