IDN Buying Tip: Follow the Trends

Trends and fads come and go, and there are a number of ways that businesses and individuals can capitalize on them, domain names being one such way. The key to trends and domaining is the anticipation of a trend. For example when the iPhone first came out, those within in the technology world and those who followed the news, knew that smartphones were about to be huge. A domain like (!) was a great idea and surely enough sold for $95,000 and is now owned by Samsung. Follow the few tips below for how to pick the best IDNs based off trends.

Stick to What You Know and Understand

In order to anticipate a trend you need to understand it. Don’t try to search for trends in medical devices if you have no interest in them and don’t understand the industry. If you know cars or fitness, look for trends there Things can get a little tricky for IDNs as many time your will be purchasing an IDN in a language you do not speak. To avoid this, turn your energy to global trends, like the example above, smartphones are definitely a global trend.

Use Tools

You can also do your research in a foreign language by using tools like Google Alerts of Google Trends. With Google Alerts you can set a search term and have news and blog results sent right to your inbox. You can see what terms are getting a lot of news coverage and generating chatter across the world and decide on a domain based off of this info.

Google Trends similarly allows you to enter a word or phrase into a search engine and see the trends for that word or phrase. The results can show you where searches are happening, how often, in what language and some top stories associated with your search. This is a great tool for insight into country and language searches to take some guess work out of selecting your IDN.

Trends Come and GO

Some important advice for trend watching is that as quickly as trends start, they can end. Do you research use common and try to anticipate your risk with certain trends. Trend based domain purchases are not for everyone, but they can be a very lucrative investment.

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