Interview with a Top GDI Affiliate Part II: Tim Sebert

Tim Sebert is another name you may recognize from our webinars, or just from frequently being on the GDI Leader Board. Tim and his wife Teresa are some of GDI’s top producers. We recently contacted them to get their story and also some tips and advice that have been keeping them successful with GDI for nearly 7 years. Read on for Tim and Teresa’s best advice.

If you could give just one piece of advice to affiliates looking to be as successful as you, what would it be?

Give GDI a minimum of one year to build and during that year, learn to “FOCUS” and “COMMIT” to building GDI, not a dozen other “deals!”

How have you worked to assist your downline?

I  make myself available by phone during my business hours that are provided to my Team.  I also believe in “Leading By Example” in which 80% of my time is used to help my Team while the other 20% is used to still recruit through the same tools that I make available to my Team. I show that it can be done; I don’t expect anyone to do what I can’t do!

GDI Tip: Don’t be shy about going to your upline for help; that’s what they are there for! You can see your 5-level upline at any time from within your account by clicking the “Upline” link in the left navigation bar. Do not be shy about contacting any or all of them by email or telephone. Also contact GDI Support at 1-760-602-3000 if you are still in need of assistance.

Now, it’s your turn. How do you help your downline? What is your one best piece of advice?

4 thoughts on “Interview with a Top GDI Affiliate Part II: Tim Sebert”

  1. He says give it a year, its only been a week for me so far but I’m going to work at for awhile. Already spent $40.00 on google adwords and another $10 on coop but haven’t gotten a single sign up. I can’t afford to go backwords much more for now.
    I’m working on building a nice website for now.

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