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Where Are You? Share to win $50


Our GDI Around the World Contest has been running for a few weeks with one objective: to show off that you can be a GDI affiliate anywhere. We’ve got a few entries on our Pinterest page, but we want more! The best part for you? A chance to win $50 while you show off. Two winners will win $50 each just for sharing where they GDI from in picture form. Full details of the contest can be found here: http://gdiaffiliateblog.ws/2013/04/15/gdi-around-world-contest/ But read on for some helpful hints to make your submission a success.

No Printer? No Problem

If you’re headed somewhere great or see any opportunity for an awesome picture but don’t have your sign, don’t worry. You can create your own sign and let the world know you’re a GDI affiliate. Just include your “GDI Affiliate” and your domain name on your sign in large, legible letters and hold it up in front of your awesome background. Now follow the steps to submit and enter. We want to know you can be an affiliate and work from anywhere, even if that means creating your own sign on a whim

Pinterest is Easy

With this contest you need to a have Pinterest account and create a new board. Don’t be overwhelmed by this. It’s easy to get started on Pinterest and its very user friendly. Just head to www.pinterest.com to sign up for an account. Once you’ve created an account, head to the top right corner of the page to your profile and select Your Boards, here you can create your GDI Around the World board. Next select add pin from the same drop down and upload your photo. You’re done! You can find a full video tutorial on this HERE.

Utilize Your Marketing Kit Banner

If you head to our GDI Around the World board that showcases the current entries, you will see that there is a GDI sign with a domain in each one. This sign is available in your Members Area and will print with your personal domain on it. To access this and print, log in to your Members Area and click on Marketing Kit in the left hand navigation. Here you will see the Pinterest Contest Sign. Select this and hit Go and you’re ready to print. Your printed sign will show your domain. You can print in color or black and white.