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Complete WordPress Tutorial Part:II

6. Now you are ready to add you first post. To add a new post, select Add New in the Posts submenu. This will open up a new post. You will see an area for your post title and text. These are self explanatory. Type in your desired title and add your main text. You can also paste text into this window, but may lose some formatting, so be sure to check your work.

7. You will notice that the top of this text window has options that you might see in a word editor like underline, bullets, and font color. Font options are limited because the font that will show up is usually dictated by the theme you chose.

8. Once you have added your text and title, it is time to optimize you blog posts with tags, categories and even the URL. After you have added text to the title box, you will see an option below it with your posts permalink. This is a link that will always take you directly to this post. There is a button to the permalink that labeled “change permalinks.” Click it. When you click this button it gives you the option to choose how your permalinks are displayed. For search engine optimization (SEO) reasons, you do not want your post permalink to be blog.yoursite.ws/123. This will hinder search engines from finding the post. You should select any option you like where your title will show in the permalink such as blog.yoursite.ws/make-money-with-gdi.

9. Once you have saved the way your permalinks will appear, you will be returned to your blog posts. Before you post you should pick some tags for your post. These tags should be words that appear in your post and are great keywords. To see what keywords are best visit Google Keyword to see what words receive more searches. If you see a great keyword, it is a good idea to use it a few times in your blog post for SEO reasons.

10. Categories are an easy way for people to find posts by what they are looking for. Create categories that make sense for your blog like “How to”  “Business Advice” and etc. You can always add a new category whenever you like.