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Four Sites to Take Advantage of Right Now

There are many sites that can help your share your business, build networks, and get your questions answered. Here are a few sites that can benefit affiliate marketers.

SlideShare for Presentations and New Audiences

SlideShare is a site that allows anyone to upload presentations and slideshows created with PowerPoint and Keynote. The presentations then live on the site where anyone can browse them or watch. SlideShare helps to get your presentations out to new audiences while offering some powerful SEO in the form of links back and another site where you and your message can be found.

Twitter for Network Building

Twitter is about content sharing in a short, digestible way. In this way Twitter is great to get your message out and find others who care about it. Start an account with Twitter to share your content and WebSite in 140 characters of less, but to also find others with similar interests. Retweet, message, and follow others like you to build your network easily.

Quora for Leading Discussions and Getting Answers

According to its website: “Quora connects you to everything you want to know about. Quora aims to be the easiest place to write new content and share content from the web.” In short, Quora is a smart question and answer site where people wanting to gain and share knowledge meet. Quora can be helpful to answer some questions you have about your business, but also to share your knowledge. You can start an account with the site and search for questions your have special knowledge on. This can help to build your persona as a thought leader and also grow your network.

Google News Alerts for News and Information

There’s a lot going on in the world of affiliate marketing and your GDI colleagues. To make sure you don’t miss a news story or a chance to connect, you can set up a Google Alerts. Google Alerts can be made for anything you wish to know about. Click on the link above and type in your search terms. You can then add settings so that you will be emailed whenever your search topic has news. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed for your alert to see your search whenever you log into your reader. Set GDI as a search term to find other affiliates and build your network.