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Products and Purchasing FAQs

  • Is anything else included in the $10 monthly fee?
    Yes: Lots of options! Your $10 monthly fee covers not only your .WS “WebSite” domain name, but everything needed to make full use of it. You can use our hosting services, forward your domain to another location, leave it parked with a simple construction screen, or use our simple SiteBuilder tool to help you design a great WebSite in minutes. All these options include email services. Of course, you always have the option of using your own hosting company as well!

  • What forms of payment can I use?
    You may use PayPal or any of the following major credit cards: American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, or Visa. You may also use debit cards tied to a checking or savings account.

  • Do you offer any other products?
    We offer the following products at an additional cost. Note: Shipping and handling is not included in the listed prices:

    Leads packages:
    10 Phone verified leads $30.00
    50 Phone verified leads $150.00
    100 Phone verified leads $300.00
    DVD Packages:
    3-DVD Package $8.85
    10-DVD Package $29.50
    DVD and Lead Packages:
    3-DVDs & 3 Phone verified leads $17.85
    10-DVDs & 10 Phone verified leads $59.50
    GDI Business Cards:
    1000 cards $49.95
    2500 cards $79.00
    5000 cards $129.00
    10,000 cards $229.00
    15,000 cards $329.00
    20,000 cards $429.00
    25,000 cards $529.00
    50,000 cards $995.00
    100,000 cards $1,975.00
  • I selected to change my billing plan type. When will the change take effect?
    Changes to a domain’s billing plan will take effect upon completion of the respective domain’s current Paid Through date.

  • I changed my mind and no longer wish to change my billing plan type. How can I undo a change I submitted?
    Simply use the Change Plan link set the billing type back to the “current” plan type.

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