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Preffered Payment How To

GDI offers an affordable domain complete with an income opportunity at an affordable price. Ten dollars per month is as cheap an investment in your future you will find. Be sure your method of payment is properly set up to ensure your continued service with GDI.

To learn about your current payment method or change it, navigate to your Members Area> Preferred Payment. Here you will see your current payment information. Be sure that your billing address is correct and updated if needed. Note than any of these changes will also be reflected in Account Info, which you can also access from within the Members Area.

GDI affiliates have the option of paying each month with a debit/credit card of through PayPal. You can see your current choice and have the option to change this in the Preferred Payment screen. Any changes to your payment information like a new credit card should be updated on this screen as soon as possible to guarantee continued service with your domain.