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IDN Purchasing Tip: Would a Business Want It?

When purchasing IDNs it is important to think of not only the value to you and your company, but the value to someone else. A great question to ask yourself when purchasing an IDN is, “Would a business or company want this domain?” If the answer is “yes,” you’ve got a domain with a high possibility of a profitable sale, if the answer is “no” you domain is probably best for your use or your own business.

You do, however, want to go after domain names a business might want, but not a specific business name. When you attempt to secure a name like “McDonalds” not only will a registry squash that attempt most times, but if you are able to secure the name, chances are you have some legal trouble in your future from “McDonalds.”

Loans.com is a great example of a name a business would want, but does not encroach on any trademarks or business names. Loans.com now directs you to Bank of America’s website and sold for $3,000,000. What will your “Loans.com” IDN be?

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