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GDI Features: SiteBuilder

What it is

SiteBuilder is our template driven WebSite design interface. It easily allows you to get a WebSite up-and-running in minutes without using special software. Everything is completed from within your Internet browser. You simply need to log in to your Members Area and navigate to Build Your WebSite to get started.


SiteBuilder allows you to choose from premade templates and designs to create a professional looking site with no WebSite building or design knowledge. You can create a blog, embed videos, and add images, banners, widgets and more to each page. For even more on SiteBuilder, watch our full tutorial below.

How to take advantage of it

SiteBuilder is easy to take advantage of since it is so user friendly. As stated above, all you need to do is log in to your Members Area and select Build Your WebSite. Choose SiteBuilder as your option and you can start to create your site with the help of the SiteBuilder Wizard. You can add new pages, photos videos and more. Once you’ve completed the wizard, you can easily edit any page with SiteBuilder by clicking the edit button from your main SiteBuilder menu.