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More Than Just a Domain

You often see us posting on the blog about the many features that GDI offers you beyond “just a domain name.” While a personalized and affordable domain is a huge selling point just in its self, we make sure to go the extra step to offer you some great products to build out your site and build out your business, included in your monthly charge. Read for our offerings and be sure to take advantage of all of them!


Whether you want to start a blog, or just easily build a site, WordPress is a great “go to.” You can go to WordPress.com to register and create your own account, but why would you want to? We did the work for you. All you need to do is head to your Plugins area in the left hand navigation of the Members Area, click on it and click to turn your blog on and activate. WordPress is highly compatible and offers a huge amount of plugins, widgets and ways to create a super user friendly website, all easily accessed through your Members Area.


Looking for a dedicated link where you can share photos with friends, family or whoever you want? Look no further. Also available in the Plugins of the Members Area, you simply need to activate the gallery and decide what link you would like to direct to the gallery. Do you want it to be your main page or a sub domain? The gallery is easy to access and upload and manage photos. Again, instead of having to create an photo sharing account somewhere else, GDI has already set you up with the gallery, you just need to decide when you want to use it.


Do you want a place to meet others, answer questions and get connected? Then activate our forum plugin. You can use the forum for any topic or idea you’d like; it’s a great way to answer questions for anyone visiting your site and network.


So you love GDI, are making money and want to share it with even more people. Simple, just head to the Inviter from the left hand navigation and input email addresses of everyone you would like to share the opportunity with, we’ll send a personal email to each address listed inviting them to join GDI with YOU and sending them to what could be there domain. Just add in your contacts and we’ll do the rest.


Still wondering how to use and access some of our products and services? Check out our tutorial videos. These videos will give you step by step instructions and real time videos to show you how to get started with WordPress, the Inviter and much more.