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Your Winning Advice: Round One

This holiday season we’ve been asking for your advice. The GDI Big Tippers Contest launched at the beginning of November and offers 4 chances to win $100. We just finished our first round and announced our top two winners, Koryah Grass and Angela Maria Vargas. We want to take this opportunity to share their advice and share GDI’s take on it. Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win by sharing your advice on our Facebook Page or tweeting us with it.

1) For me is give sincerity to those interested from the first come. By not over-exaggerate. Because, GDI can work, can make money and can preview commission clearly. – Koryah Grass Being honest and authentic is great advice. GDI offers helpful products, great commissions and chances at contests and bonuses each day. This is enough to get someone excited about GDI and this is the truth. When you start promising certain amounts of money and set expectations too high, people either see through it and don’t join or quit shortly after joining.

2) Yo con GDI ademas de Tener un Negocio Que me dará Ingresos de Por Vida www.empresaenlinea.ws puedo a la vez tener mi empresa en linea, enseñar a mis afiliados. Translation: With GDI I have a business that will give me lifetime income. I can take my business online and teach my affiliates. – Maria Angela Vargas Education is great. The business model of GDI and affiliate marketing programs gives affiliates a great chance to teach each other. When you add someone to your downline, they become part of your team and a key to your success. Because of this it is in your best interest to teach them all you know and help them as much as you can.