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This post isn’t about to tell you how to get rich quick with GDI. In fact, it’s here to tell you the opposite.premium affiliate

The GDI Affiliate Blog is an official source of support for all of our affiliates. We use this space to tell you more about our products and services explain new offerings, and provide tips and advice. Most importantly we hope this blog helps to start conversations and clear up misconceptions about GDI. So why did we title this post “Get Rich Quick with GDI”? That’s because some people may promise you this on their website. We want to make sure people considering GDI see this post instead of those websites.

There is no way to get rich quick with GDI, or any affiliate program for that matter. Affiliate programs, like any job, opportunity or contract, require work. No one ever got rich on their own without a little bit of hard work. The idea of “get rich quick” is appealing because it seems too good to be true, and it is. However, there are many other seemingly “too good to be true” parts of GDI that are real. With GDI you can work from home and build your own business with as little as $10 per month. You are given all the tools to market yourself with this small amount of money. You pick your hours, you pick your team. You pick how long you work with us, when and from where. We even offer bonuses as a reward for your own success. So, no, you can’t get rich quick with GDI. But you can build your business steadily and build Income for Life for just $10 per month.

3 thoughts on “Get Rich Quick with GDI”

  1. You know what? Thank you so much for writing this.

    I’ll be honest. I’ve been hit with the “get rich quick” mindset as an affiliate before.

    Personally, I signed up for the product. So, it didn’t hit me then. No, it hit me when I was referring others to the program. “Oh yes, all you have to do is refer 5 and teach them to do that and… next thing you know you’ll be sitting pretty.” Or, “You can make a lot of money with the bonus programs really fast.”

    OK, that second one is semi-true for some people. But, that “get rich quick” mindset will KILL your business before it ever starts.

    Speaking from an affiliates perspective, not someone looking to join, having that kind of mindset leads you to the wrong people. You will recruit people who expect that. And when it doesn’t happen they will quit. And be frustrated. And you can’t grow a residual income constantly trying to fill your downline with people who are just looking for an easy way out.

    Yes, is it one of, if not THE, best opportunities out there today? I absolutely 100 percent believe so.

    But it is still a business. And one you have to work hard at. One that will force you to grow professionally as well as personally.

    I went to a conference about marketing (always keep learning, after all) and the guy said something like, If you are working hard every day and feel like you are doing enough, you’ve just started. Now work harder. Because that’s what it takes.

    Talk to any small business owner. And make no mistake, you are building a small business for yourself. Ask anyone of them how hard they worked to get their business started up.

    It takes work! Oh, it’s fun at times. Sure. But there are no shortcuts. None that last or mean anything in the end. Be honest with people. And that will lead the right people to your organization. And it’s those kinds of people that will help you build an income that many would be jealous of.

    Anyway, long comment. I just want to say thank you. I hope many people read this and understand, you won’t get rich quick. Network marketing is one of the few businesses where you work harder than most to make very little or nothing at all. And it takes working like this for a long time before you wake up and realize that now you are working less than most and making more than many even dream of.

    It’s an exciting thing. And it’s a hard thing. And personally, I wouldn’t trade it.

    Thanks again!


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