Nov 202013

Our confirmed winners of the October Team Bonus just went live last week. We had another big month for money awarded. Here’s how all the numbers break down.commission

Total Payout: $8312.50

Number of Teams Awarded the Bonus: 6

Teams Who Won a Bonus: 21Millionaire, GDI Website Leaders, Team Solid, WS Profits, GDI Team 1, iNfinity

Teams with First Time LeaderBoard appearance: 2

Biggest Team Payout: $5,000.00to 21Millionare

Smallest Team Payout: $250.00 to iNfinity

Team Size of Biggest Winner: 1336

Number of Sign Ups: 280

                Qualified Team Members: 130 qualified members earned share of bonus

Team Size of Smallest Winner: 43

Number of Sign Ups: 26

                Qualified Team Members: 5 qualified members earned bonus

Our Team Bonus Competition for November is already running. Be sure to work towards the bonus this month of join or create a team for December. Learn how HERE.

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