is a starting point for many affiliates. It’s where you can watch the presentation and learn more about GDI in multiple languages. It’s where potential affiliates can enter their sponsor’s name and begin their journey.

There’s a reason GDI Corporate uses for so many things: it’s what we stand for. When you become an affiliate, you become your own boss. You have a level of freedom that can’t be provided in your normal 9-5. You decide how to build your website, your brand, and your network. As a GDI affiliate you have the freedom to work how you want and build income for life. We support freedom in your life. Are you ready to take advantage of it?

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  1. I think that the Freedom video is an AWESOME tool! Using it (And I have extra dvd’s) is powerful when as soon as your prospect see’s that the same video is online and in your hand something clicks for them!

    Use it and never ever let negative people stand in the way of your dreams, goals, and desires of success!

    Have an AWESOME DAY!!! 🙂

  2. The company presentation on is the presentation I found when beginning my new internet business with Global Domains International. I learned to make money online and earn residual income by simply showing other people the same video. It’s the easiest business for one world, one internet.

    I love earning money online with Global Domains International. Since 2007, I have been using my GDI website to make money from other third party affiliate programs too. This kind of distracted me from the main goal of building my income for life. I’ve learned to prioritize my income for life in the actions I perform for this business.

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