Your .WS Email

What it is

.WS email is the name of the email service GDI provides to anyone with a .WS domain. You may create a maximum of 10 active mailboxes per domain. You may also create up to 10 Forwarded Prefixes.


With .WS email as a basic affiliate you can have up to 10 active mailboxes per domain. For each  mailbox you get 1 gigabyte of space. .WS email provides all the benefits of emails services, including mobile, at your own personalized domain.

How to take advantage of it

Simply log in to your Members Area and navigate to Setup Your Email on the lefthand side. From here you can select names for and set up all 10 of you emails accounts at your domain. To access you email once you have it set up, head to Login here and you can send, create, read and do anything you would like with your new personalized email addressees. You can find answers to any other questions you have just below the email set up in the Members Area.

4 thoughts on “Your .WS Email”

  1. i would like to withdraw my membership…. it is still billed to me up to now. i cannot understand how the system works… thanks. please refund my payment at once & stop billing me for this account.

  2. please cancel my account and do not bill me because i signup on the free 7 day trial i do not want to be a member.

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