The GDI Difference: WebSite and Email

This is the second part of a series explaining why GDI is different than the affiliate marketing companies you have heard of before. Share these blogs with anyone you know who might be skeptical or just wants to learn more.


You’ve seen it before: affiliate marketing sites that are nothing more than a personalized link. The only thing that sets one affiliate apart from another is their name at the end of a generic link. With GDI this couldn’t be more different.

If you want to get up and running immediately, but look a little different, you can quickly chose from one of our many replicated pages. But, to truly take advantage of GDI, you can build your own website using SiteBuilder or WordPress. These tools allow you to create a truly unique site that you can use for your affiliate opportunity. Even better, if you are really skilled with building websites, you can create your own and host it with GDI. GDI gives you the chance to make your business stand out and not get lost in the crowd of other affiliates.


While some other opportunities offer email, GDI is truly different. With just a basic membership, GDI gives you 10 personal email addresses for your domain. This means not only can you take advantage of them, but so can your family. The multiple addresses also gives you a chance to use our email for business or personal use without having to sign up for an additional account. More so, GDI offers an easy to use email service allowing you to access you email from anywhere.

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