Four Reasons Everyone Should Have Their Own Domain Name

Some of you have come in contact with people who are interested in GDI, but do not want a domain name. To combat this problem, we shared a few tactics to work around it, but today we want to share the power of the domain. The next time someone doesn’t want a domain, share a few of these reasons why having your own, personal domain is so important.

Easy to Remember

Having a .WS domain gives you a chance to get a short, easy to remember domain name that represents you, your interests, or your brand. No matter what you want to do with your domain, a short name will be easy to remember and share. Unlike .COMs or services like tumblr, Facebook, and Google+, a personalized site doesn’t have to be a long name with numbers and letters. It can be whatever you want with a .WS. Easy remember domain names, like those GDI offers you, means more hits and more repeat visitors.

Easy to Find

As people search for you and your site, the right domain name can mean a higher search results. When you take the time to brand yourself and create the right domain name for your business, search engines respond. This domain is more likely to come up on a search engine than a Facebook page with no user name.

Safe Keeping

Maybe you don’t have a plan for your domain just yet, but someday you will. Securing your own domain name ensures that your brand and your name are protected from someone else snatching it up. Building a brand and a business is much easier when you are able to secure a straight forward logical domain name as opposed to having to get creative because your first choice domain name is always taken.


Having your own site builds credibility and shows visitors you take your site and your business seriously. Think of all the websites you visit in a day, which do you trust?

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