Why You Should Be Attending Webinars

For You

In each webinar we cover topics and issues that GDI Affiliates deal with everyday. We invite you to share topics and questions you would like us to cover in each webinar. We also have a panel of experienced and successful affiliates with us on the webinar sharing their experiences and advice. You can also ask questions of all of the panelists during each webinar and receive live answers and solutions.

For Your Team

Attending a webinar if a great way for new team members to learn more about GDI and getting started with it. With each webinar we will cover common beginner questions as well as marketing tips. Our successful affiliate panelists also answer beginner questions and address the biggest issues new team members may face.

Having your team attend the webinar also gives you a great chance for follow up to discuss what was presented and answer any other questions your team may have. Make attending the webinar a “must-do” for yourself and team members to ensure that time is being spent learning more about building each business and Income for Life.

Ask Questions, See the Topics Covers

If you have a question or topic that you want to learn more about in the webinar format, tell us! We are always taking suggestions for new webinar topics. If you want your team to learn more about social media, or video marketing, we will gladly cover those topics in the next webinar. So leave a message on Facebook, Twitter or the Blog and let us know what you want covered.

Just 30 Minutes

Our webinars are 30 minutes every other week. Surely anyone can find the time for this. Each webinar occurs at 1pm PST, so many people can have it on as they work on their computers. If you can’t attend the webinars, you can always find a recording or the broadcast within just hours at www.gdiwebinars.ws

We hope to see you at our next webinar, Tuesday, December 20th at 1pm PST! Register HERE.

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