Global Domains Interational Commissions: FAQs

I just changed my preferred commission method, when and how will I receive commissions?
GDI calculates commissions for the current month in the first 2 weeks of the next month. In order to receive commissions by your newly selected method, you will need to update your preferred commission method prior to the current month’s end.

Do you offer any free commission payment options?
Absolutely. We do not charge a fee for commissions payments sent by mailed check totaling $100 or more.

What if I live in a country where I cannot use PayPal?
You will need to select one of the other two commission payment options as your preferred commission payment method.

How will I get you my banking details if I choose to receive payment by bank wire?
You will be provided a link to a file you will need to print and take to your banking institution. We highly recommend having your bank assist you with completion of the form to ensure accuracy. Once the form is complete, you will need to fax or email us the completed copy. We will then submit the form to our bank. Once proper setup is confirmed, we will update your account with us accordingly.

What does “pending” status for receiving commissions by bank wire mean?
We have not yet received your completed form for bank wire setup, or we have received the form, but our financial institution has not confirmed proper setup for the information you provided. Please see the previous answer for more information.

What happens if my bank wire setup is “pending” when monthly commissions are paid?
All pending bank wire preferred commission methods will be treated as receiving commissions by mailed check with a $100 selected minimum payout amount.

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  1. I don’t mean to be rude, but the members area looks kinda 1990’s-ish (tacky) which puts customers off. Just wanted to know if there is anything being done about this?

    1. Thanks for the comment. We are always working towards better functionality for our users. We will pass this along.

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