Quick Start Your Business with GDI

As many of us progress in our careers and life, we start to think about creating our own business and someday work for ourselves. GDI is a tool to help you work for yourself and generate Income for Life with our affiliate program, but can also help you with your own business. GDI offers tools to help you get your website up quick, no matter what your business, share your own business, secure domain names you might not be able to afford with a .com all while making income with us. How can you get a quick start on your business and succeed with GDI? Read on.

Get Started Quickly

GDI offers you tools to get you the domain name you want and get your website online almost immediately. This is great if you’ve got a new business idea that you want to bring to the market right away and don’t have the time to waste with endless calls trying to set up a website. GDI can help. Simply sign up with GDI and use one of our great tools. GDI’s SiteBuilder can walk you through the set up of a simple business site and have it ready for the world in minutes. SiteBuilder comes with dozens of templates all of which ensure your company info and contact information are front and center. If you want to take a little bit more time and customize your new business website, we also offer WordPress. There area thousands of WordPress themes ensuring your will find just the right one to showcase your business. WordPress widgets and add ons will give a site that functions just how you need it to. Both of these options can be found in your Members Area: www.website.ws/members

Use Our Inviter

Now that you’ve got your website up for your great new business idea, how are you going to share it? This is where another GDI tool comes in: the Inviter. The Inviter tool in your Members Area allows you to share your website with all of your contacts with a few clicks of the mouse. Once you import your contacts, GDI will send out an email linking to your new website so that people can visit it and check it out. The Inviter is a marketing tool for your new business that’s already been set up for you. You can find it in the Members Area: www.website.ws/members

Make Money Two Ways

What is so unique about the tools GDI offers to help you with your business? With GDI you have the opportunity to use our services to promote your personal business while being an affialite with ours. As you sell your personal business with your .ws website and the Inviter, you can also be selling people on the opportunities of GDI. Try adding one of your banners to your site to invite your traffic to learn more about GDI. You can also use a simple contact form on your personal business site to get info from any of your visitors who might be interested in something more. Use GDI to quick start your business and succeed with us. Income two ways.

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