Getting Started FAQs

When starting with a new business, it’s common to have a lot a questions to ask and GDI is no different. To help out anyone new or just anyone with questions, we compiled some of our most frequently asked questions about beginning with GDI. You’ll find them below. Include any questions you may have in the comments.

  • What is an Affiliate?
    Becoming an affiliate allows you to make money by reselling our product. You will earn 10% of sales directly referred by you and 10% on each of 4 additional “layers” of affiliate sales. Check out the income calculator to get an idea of what your potential monthly income could be.
  • I don’t want to SELL anything. That said, how do I build my business?
    That is the beauty of our program. YOU don’t sell anything, WE do all the selling for you. Just enter the names and email addresses of the people you know personally online, and we’ll send a personalized email to them, from YOU, which directs them to a fully personalized, dynamic flash presentation. If you prefer, you can alternatively send them directly to your free Affiliate WebSite, which will be identical to the one you are looking at right now, but tracked to YOU, so you get the credit for all sign ups.

    (PLEASE NOTE: Using our automated form requires pre-existing contact with those you choose to invite. We follow and STRICTLY ENFORCE A ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding unsolicited SPAM emails – so make sure that you have had prior communication with anyone you decide to invite).

  • How can I see who signed up under me and how much commissions are owed to me?
    You will have 24/7 access to REAL TIME REPORTING on all hits to your agent WebSite, all trials placed, and all active customers, as well as complete downline reporting, selectable by layer (1 through 5), and all current and past commissions due to you. You will also have contact information for your UPLINE SPONSORS, so you can email them and learn about their successes, as well as contact information for your DOWNLINE (network) members, so you may email them and tell them of your successful experiences.
  • As an Affiliate, do I need to send in any paperwork?
    Yes. The required simple documentation can easily be accessed from within your account. However, you may begin building your business immediately (before we receive your documents).
  • What is the “Invite” section, and how do I use it?
    The Invite section allows you to send customized emails to prospects, which must be people with whom you have had prior contact. You can also purchase opt-in email lists in the Leads section of your Members Area. Please note, we will not tolerate Spam of any kind from our affiliates. Violation of our Spam policy will result in immediate and permanent deactivation of your account without reimbursement.
  • What is an “Upline?”
    Your upline is comprised of the people through which you were referred to our company. Your upline can be a valuable source of information for networking and brainstorming ways to increase your revenue.
  • What is a “Downline?”
    Your downline is comprised of the people who were referred to our company through you. The people in your downline represent those for which you will earn commissions for purchases they make. Information in your downline is updated in real time so you always have the latest details available to you, 24/7.

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  1. I’m an affiliate in GDI. I have people in my downline, but they have no idea about them having to become a Premium member or by ordering 10 Dvds to receive the 100$ weekly bonuses. Many people will drop out of GDI, if they know that by referring 5 people in a week they won’t get the 100$ bonus without doing that first.

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