I Just Signed Up, Now What?

Congratulations on becoming a part f GDI. If you’re wondering how to get started, read on! Also check our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts for useful information.

Check Out Your Members Area

Now that you’ve joined GDI, it’s time to get acquainted. Log into your members area and start exploring. Check out the great plugins and add-ons we have. Learn more about our offers like gift cards and discounts on business cards and make sure all your information is correct and up to date so we can get you those checks when you start to earn them.

Decide If You Want to Go Premium

You can sign up as a premium user or upgrade at any time. Check out our blog post on going premium to learn all the details. But, in short, premium means bigger pay outs and upgrades on some of our tools like the Inviter. Going premium now also ensures you are qualified to access and purchase top IDNs before it’s opened to the public.

What Kind of Site Would You Like?

Do you want a replicated site, your own GDI opportunity site, or a site for your own separate business? The quicker you decide and set up you site, the sooner you can reach your personal goals. GDI’s replicated sites are great, but you can also use WordPress to create your own site for your opportunity or own business. Be sure the messaging on your site is clean and clear and that you have a call to action. For more tips for your site, check out our blog post here.

Check Out Our Plug Ins

As a GDI member, you have access to some great site add-ons. Check out your Members Area
“Plug Ins” on the left hand navigation to see how you can get your site set up with WordPress, a photo gallery or message board. All of these plug ins are super easy to add and activate. Learn more about these plug ins and where you can find them, and how to use them at our You Tube tutorial page.

Start Building Your Downline

Regardless of why you signed up, GDI gives you the opportunity to make money and Income for Life! So get connected with your network through social media, your new website or even offline to share the GDI opportunity.  Check out these past posts for how to generate leads.

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