WordPress Video Tutorial Part I

WordPress is a powerful and easy way to create websites and as a GDI member, you should consider for creating your site. So if you want to get on board and started with WordPress, we have create a video tutorial below to help you get started. Leave and questions in the comments section! Good Luck!

8 thoughts on “WordPress Video Tutorial Part I”

  1. WordPress blog I have been half opened, but many users are in response to the recent WordPress blog that often can not properly open, how is this going?

    1. Hi Fanqie, We discovered the root of this problem and it has been resolved. Let us know if you have any further issues.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I want to make my own video in French for my downline. Is that OK? If GDI will do it, then I won’t. I just think it would be very useful to have this tutorial in French for my downline.

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