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Utility Marketing

Social media gives affiliates an unprecedented chance to market themselves in ways never available before. You can connect with thousands of people on Twitter in a matter of seconds and build fans and friends on Facebook you never knew existed. But the ease of social media can be a double edged sword. Tweeting and posting all day and night will turn off followers and even get you marked as a spammer. Tweeting and posting in more manageable way isn’t any good either if you’re not sharing content others would be interested in.

To avoid these pitfalls, practice what is called utility marketing when it comes to social media. Utility marketing means using your voice in these forums in a way that would be helpful to others and offer them something they can utilize. This means your tweets and posts should always aim to be worthy of a retweet or share or spark some conversation. So before you broadcast your messages to the world, ask yourself what others can use or utilize from what you’re sharing.