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Duplication Bonus UPDATE

UPDATE! Thanks to the great response and your hard work, GDI has decided to extend the Duplication Bonus til 12/31/12!

Whether you’re an established GDI affiliate or new GDI affiliate who just completed their Learning Bonus, we have one more way for you to earn a HUGE bonus. Announcing the GDI Duplication Bonus. Be a leader and teach 10 people to LEARN and you EARN $250 – that’s what all the new LEARNERS EARNED as a bonus to you!

The Duplication Bonus is designed to reward YOU for each new signup you have that completes their Learning Bonus. How it works is simple, once a sign up of yours completes their Learning Bonus, you will receive one checkmark towards your Duplication Bonus. Each signup that completes THEIR Learning Bonus earns YOU a checkmark. Once you have 10 checkmarks you will earn $250. The best part is that this bonus is UNLIMITED, you can earn $250 for every 10 directly referred signups who earn their GDI Learning Bonus.

To learn more or check your progress towards your Duplication Bonus visit the GDI Bonuses section in the Members Area and click Duplication Bonus. Encourage your signups to achieve their Learning Bonus and work towards YOUR Duplication Bonus starting today!

The Duplication Bonus is a NEW bonus offering from GDI that ends October 31, 2012. So get started working towards your bonus today! The Duplication Bonus has been extended to December 31, 2012. Keep working hard!


Learning Bonus Check In

Back in August we unveiled our new Learning Bonus. The Learning Bonus is a great incentive for new team members. How many of you and your team members have achieved the bonus? If you’re a new affiliate and haven’t started to work towards the Learning Bonus, here are a few reasons why you need to start.


The steps to earning your learning bonus are simple and painless. Step one requires you to simply convert from a trial membership to an active GDI member. Other steps include creating an email address and sending in documentation. Not only are these steps simple, but they are steps you should be taking to be an involved and active affiliate.


The Learning Bonus rewards you for learning more about GDI. GDI is designed to be simple for all of our affiliates, and many questions can be answered just by clicking around and getting started. With each action complete towards your Learning Bonus, you will glean information that won’t just help you, but in turn help the team members you sign up.

Helpful to You and Your Team

Your Learning Bonus helps your upline to achieve their Duplication Bonus. This is also true for you and your downline. So hit that Learning Bonus and then encourage your signups to achieve theirs to build a large, successful network.