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GDI News: August 2013

Shatner Interviews GDI Co-Founders

William Shatner took the time to interview GDI co-founders Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir earlier this summer. GDI and its cofounders were showcased as a company offering great opportunities in a down economy. GDI was also given the “Keeping America Strong” award. The interview can be seen here and is a great marketing piece and supporting material for anyone interested in GDI.

Verified Leads are Two for One

GDI is still matching all leads purchases! For every Phone Verified Lead you purchase, we will be providing a Free Double Opt-In Lead. Head to the Members Area and select “Order Goodies” to take advantage of this offer! This offer will only be available for a limited time, so take advantage of it now.

Big Team Bonus Winners

We had a huge month for the Team Bonus. We gave away over $8,000 to winning teams. Seven teams walked away with a bonus this month with the biggest team bonus being $5,000 to Team 21Millionaire!

New Replicated Site

We got such huge response from the William Shatner GDI Interview that we decided to make it into a Replicated Site for everyone one to use. Log into your Members Area and select “William Shatner Interviews GDI” from the Replicated Sites to set it as your site.