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Your Top Webinar Questions from March 13

Q: How do I contact a lead if they do not leave a phone number?

A: A lead is someone who leaves you contact information after a visit to your site or replicated site. In order to be a lead they have to leave some form of contact information, preferably email or a phone number. Someone who visits your site but does not leave any information is traffic, but not a lead since there is no way to follow up with that lead. This is why it is important to have a contact form and some lead generation tools on your website to ensure people are leaving information and you can follow up with them.

Q: When you have a missed sign up, what do you do if you cannot contact them right away?

A: When someone leaves your site during the sign up process, GDI will send them an email letting them know this happened and inviting them to finish the process. GDI will also send you an email informing you of a missed sign up to ensure you can follow up with them yourself. Find out more about missed sign ups here.

Q: Do you offer the webinar in Spanish?

A: At this time we don not offer the webinar in Spanish. However, we do cover many blog topics in the webinar. Our blog can be easily translated to Spanish with the “Translate” button above each blog post. You will be able to follow along with most of the topics we cover on the webinars.