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Live GDI Twitter Chats Coming Soon!

We are happy to announce our first ever Live Twitter Chat for Global Domains International affiliates and potential affiliates using the hashtag #GDIChat. These chats are designed to be a question and answer format along with sharing relevant info you need to know and moderating chats all in 140 characters or less! They are going to be happening every other Wednesdays at 4pm, with the first chat being on Wednesday, October 5th at 4pm PDT!


A Live Twitter Chat is just what it sounds like. We encourage all interested to log into their Twitter accounts at 4pm every other Wednesday to have a chat with GDI corporate to ask questions, connect with other affiliates and learn from our GDI tweets! To participate, simply search for and follow the hashtag #GDIchat, and you will be able to see all updates and questions from anyone using that hashtag. This way you can see the questions being asked, answers and just who else is interested in GDI.

Who Can Attend

Anyone can attend but we highly recommend the chat for new members or anyone interested in getting started with GDI. So be sure your new downline members get on Twitter and are ready for the chat.

How to Participate

Bring your questions! Log into Twitter at 4pm PDT on Wednesday October 5th and search for or follow #GDIchat. You will then be able to see all the talk going on between GDI corporate and anyone attending the chat. To ask a question or make a statement simple tweet what you want to say ending in #GDIchat and everyone involved will be able to see what you have to say and offer answers on comments.