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Two Unique GDI Offerings

It’s no secret that there are a lot of affiliate programs out there. We’ve shared a few posts about the GDI difference that you can see here and here. Now it’s time to share two more reasons that make GDI different: bonuses and our ever changing contests. Each bonus and contest is created to reward you, the affiliate, for working hard. Read on to find out what they have to offer.


At any given time, GDI has a bonus you can take advantage of, whether it’s our Weekly Superstars Bonus contest or our new Learning Bonus and Duplication Bonus. Our two new bonuses are the result of you requesting more bonuses; we heard your requests and unveiled them last month. If you think you know a great idea for a bonus, share it with us. To learn more about each bonus, simply log in to your Members Area and click on GDI Bonuses.


GDI’s contests give us a chance to have a little fun and you a chance to win! Each day there are winners in our Premium Lottery that rewards the premium winners with verified leads. We also have our SnapShot contest that rewards you for knowing your way around GDI. We have had over 45 winners who each won any where from $20 to $60 dollars with our SnapShot contest. We also had some big winners in our WebSite Contest that you can see on our Pinterest page. You can expect the WebSite contest to make a return and also expect a few new contests. To always be in the know about upcoming contests, be sure to be a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check back with the blog regularly.

Don’t forget to share all the fun with your new team members and best of luck with GDI Bonuses and Contests!

Duplication Bonus: How’s Your Progress?

Just last month we announced our new Duplication Bonus for all of our affiliates. In short, the bonus rewards you for the education of your new direct signups (full details and rules here). The bonus is $250 and can be achieved an unlimited amount of times. So we want to know – how are you doing? Inching closer to that bonus of haven’t even attempted it? Here are three reasons you need to start working towards the bonus or keep pushing forward.


The Duplication Bonus encourages education of all new team members. Team members who know their way around GDI and how to get started are much more likely than those who are confused or unsure how to begin. This makes the bonus pay off two fold: with the $250 you could earn, and the recurring income from your direct signups sticking with it.

Mutual Success

Affiliate marketing is also known as network marketing because it is all about building a network. Not only does the Duplication Bonus encourage your team to learn more and become empowered, but your downline is also rewarded for it! Each new direct signup that completes their Learning Bonus earns $25 for themselves and earns you a tick towards your Duplication Bonus.


Perhaps the best part of the Duplication Bonus is the fact that it is unlimited. This means that you can win the bonus over and over for each 10 new direct signups who complete their learning bonus.