Afraid of .WS? Don’t Be

  1. LinkedInDomain.WS stand for WebSite. It’s a natural choice for a domain extension and easy to explain to others.
  2. .WS is universal. .COM is strictly American where .WS is a worldwide domain extension.
  3. More domains than ever are leaving .COM and moving to short two letter domain extensions like .WS.
  4. .WS offers internationalized domain names. Not only is .WS universal, but with the purchase of an IDN, sites can be accessed by anyone in their native language.  Learn more about IDNs.
  5. .WS is affordable and available. Popular .COM addresses are unaffordable and rarely available, but not .WS. Our domains are affordable and offer great availability.

6 thoughts on “Afraid of .WS? Don’t Be”

  1. Being a Private Contractor I really like how simple it is to explain about Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI)
    This is because Global Domains International Inc. makes it simple!
    We can reach others with a simple understanding of GDI’s great marketing tools along with helpful hints made available ! Thanks , GDI !

  2. I get excited when my friends realize that their preferred .com isn’t available. But, their .WS is! That always makes me feel good about being an affiliate with GDI. 🙂

  3. Please confirm that I am registered with GDI, since my $10 pm subscription is being collected each month.

    My GDI url is as follows to the best of my knowledge, and could you please put me in contact with my current introducer as I’m looking advice regarding my next step in this wonderworld of future webtes, it seems we are not being fed enough current info concerning our promotion and progress to the non English speaking territories worldwide ,,,,,,,,,,,, I look forward to your response ……. David Ripton.

    My two url’s that I believe are registered with GDI are as follows and Please confirm if this is so. It could be that only : ripharriman is registered

  4. I use my .ws to help Christians share their testimony online, gain confidence, and inspire them to do more for the Kingdom of heaven!

    Thank you GDI!

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