GDI Spotlight on an Affiliate II

We lcrsuccessove to “spotlight” our affiliates every now and then to give them a chance to show off and to share their experiences with all of you. Our newest Spotlight Affiliate is Carol Rivet. Carol has been with GDI for six years and is an active affiliate and big fan.  Learn more about her below. If you would like to be the next Spotlight Affiliate, leave us a note in the comments with your name and why.

How long have you been with GDI?

I have been with GDI since January of 2007.

 What made you join GDI?

I joined GDI because I needed a stable legitimate company that I could depend on. One that I knew would stand the test of time.

What is your relationship with your sponsor?

My sponsor helped me a lot getting started but eventually you need to get to the point where you are educating yourself on all the ways to grow your business. I believe that true success will come from hard work and a willingness to learn.

How much time do you spend building your GDI business each week?

I spend about 20 hours a week sometimes a little more.

What is your favorite GDI Bonus?

My favorite GDI Bonus is the new Team Bonus, but I also like the $100 bonus for referring five people in seven days. So I am torn. Too many good bonuses… good opportunities for everyone!

What bonuses or contests have you won with GDI?

I have won the GDI lottery where I got four sign ups. It sure was nice.

When you’re not building your business with GDI, what do you like to do?  When I am not promoting GDI I like to read my Bible…I feel like GDI has been a great blessing for my family and myself.

What is your profession outside of GDI?

I have been a waitress for 27 years.

Want to connect with Carol or know more about her GDI journey? You can find her at her WebSite:

3 thoughts on “GDI Spotlight on an Affiliate II”

  1. I believe God helps those who helps themselves. If anyone comes across this opportunity it was for a reason. If then, you get curious enough to investigate, there is force guiding you. If after checking out the opportunity carefully by doing the seven day trial, you feel some excitement this is how God works in our lives. God’s example to us throughout the bible, shows us this. Things happen that results in our belief and patience.

    Have faith in God’s help. Your work and persistence will eventually pay off.

    1. God Doeth It! Ecclesiastes 3:14 There are no mistakes with Him. Listen to the small still voice inside. Allow God to use you in the most powerful way possible in our generation. God Doeth It! Own your field my friends!

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