Why Are You Here?

why gdiWhy are you a GDI affiliate? Simple enough question, right? But do you know the answer? The reason you’re with GDI can help you identify what you need to do to be successful. If you’re with GDI to build income, ask yourself why GDI over some other way to build income. If you’re with GDI to build a website, ask yourself what products and services brought you here and see if you’re truly utilzing them.

The steps in our Learning Bonus will help you, as a beginner, to understand GDI’s product and services offerings and how you can start to build your team. Your Learning Bonus will not help you understand why you’re here, that’s something you must ask yourself. The answer to these questions can help you set goals and grow your business.

So why are you a GDI affiliate? What kind of future are you creating for yourself?

7 thoughts on “Why Are You Here?”

  1. I wonder myself, I have been paying ten dollars a month for three or four years? the person who I signed up under never helped through the learning curve, how about some info please,
    thanks Durella

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