SiteBuilder vs. WordPress: Choose Your Service

GDI offers you two tools to help you easily build a WebSite at your .ws domain: SiteBuilder and WordPress. How do you know which one is right for you?

If you want to take out the guess work: SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder provides customized, professionally designed templates. You can choose form template groupings and then individual templates. These are set up with the color scheme and layout already chosen for you. All you need to do is add your own content in the form of text, photos, videos and more.

If you want endless themes and plugins: WordPress

While GDI provides professionally designed templates, anyone can design a WordPress template. This means there’s a countless number of themes available online for your download. If you’ve got a specific idea in mind, chances are you can find a theme created by someone else to fit it. This does require you to search outside of WordPress and some themes do cost money, though there are plenty of free ones as well.

If you just want to blog: Both

WordPress is designed for blogging. You can create almost any type of website with you want WordPress blog, but blogging is at its core. If you prefer SiteBuilder’s easy drag and drop structure and templates, don’t worry, SiteBuilder offers a blog plugin you can easily activate. Learn more about SiteBuilder’s blog option here.

If you want to share video: Both

Adding video is easy with both SiteBuilder and WordPress. It’s as simple as copying the embed code from the YouTube video you like and pasting it into the HTML or text option of the post editor. Click here for a step by step video on adding video to SiteBuilder.

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