Leadership Opportunities and Support: More Benefits of the Team Bonus

Our new Team Bonus gives you a chance to earn a lot of cash while working with others. While the cash winnings is the big draw, the bonus also gives affiliates a chance to work with new people, learn from others, and get and give support. Walking away with the big bonus is the best, but here are a few other benefits we think you can get from the new Team Bonus.

Support outside Your Upline

Whether you are joining a team or creating a team, you can work with whomever you like. Teams in the Team Bonus do not have to follow your current upline or downline. This gives you a chance to work with other affiliates that you may not have had before. If you really like the way another affiliate does business or notice them on the Leaderboard every week, this is your chance to work with them. Even better, you can change teams each month, allowing you to find the perfect fit or just work with many different affiliates.

Position Yourself as a Leader

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a top affiliate but are still struggling to get on the individual Leaderboard? The Team Bonus is a chance for you to establish yourself as a leader and bring in some cash. You can now work with other affiliates to help you to a bonus and to the Team Bonus Leaderboards, helping to establish you as a top affiliate.

Learn from Your Affiliates

Since everyone must work together to bring in signups and build toward the bonus, the Team Bonus is a great chance to gain and share knowledge. As you can see with the multipliers, it is in everyone’s favor for each team member to succeed. This means if you see someone struggling, you can help them out and vice versa. When you join a team, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Your success can mean big payouts for everyone involved.

Learn to work as a Team

We always tout the power of relationships in affiliate marketing and GDI, but now you can see it at work first hand. Affiliates who wish to be successful with the Team Bonus must work as a team. This new team attitude will hopefully spread to your upline and downline, making for great communication and education regardless of bonus level.

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