Coming Soon: GDI Team Bonus

At GDI, we believe in rewarding you for your hard earned success. We do this in the way of commissions and payouts for our individual affiliates. But sometimes that success takes a whole team. That’s why we are happy to now offer a GDI Team Bonus. The bonus will reward a team of affiliates for the total number of signups they bring in during a set month. Each month teams are paid out a bonus of $250 per 25 signups with multipliers (up to triple!) available based on number of people in a team, number and distribution of referrals, and Premium referrals. Each team member with a referral gets an equal share of the payout.

You can multiply your earnings based on achieving certain combinations of converted signups throughout your team.  These multipliers can TRIPLE your earnings!

This bonus also gives you a chance to work with someone new or stick with team members you already know. That’s because you get to pick your own team. You can build a team yourself or join one someone else has created. Teams do not have to follow your current downline or upline.

An official announcement and full details of this new Team Bonus are coming soon. In the meantime, think about who you might like to have on your team. Best of luck!

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