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When it comes to online marketing, having as many touch points with customers and clients as possible is important. It’s just as important that each one of our affiliates do this as GDI does it as a company. That’s why we’re now on SlideShare. SlideShare allows anyone to post and share Power Point, Keynote and slide show presentations on their site. GDI will not only be sharing new slide shows that can be easily downloaded or shared, but also powerful slides from past webinars. Check out our Get Started slide show below and click on SlideShare it to see even more of our presentations. We will be adding new ones often, so visit Global Domains International at SlideShare.


9 thoughts on “Visit GDI on SlideShare”

  1. The affiliate program allows you to earn commissions while promoting a website package.

    GDI (Global Domains International) is a 12 year old domain registrar that happens to own their own domain extension .WS and a proud member of the D.S.A. (The Direct Selling Association). The DSA is somewhat like the internet version of the Better Business Bureau, A.K.A. the B.B.B.

  2. In my opinion GDI is worth a try if you are looking for a way to make extra money online. The monthly fee of $10 is affordable. I find the free trial for the first 7 days makes GDI to be the best online business for newbies because it is a chance to look behind the scenes before you take the next step. This is not a get rich quick system.

  3. Regardless of the economic state people are always looking for ways to better they’re lifestyle. Lucky for GDI affiliates, our business is just that… A way to bring extra value into someone else’s life. When sharing your GDI business you don’t have to worry about taking away from someone because it’s free to join. GDI is one of the most risk free, least expensive and highest yielding opportunities on the planet.

  4. Through your GDI business you’ll have the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs just like you and you’ll be able to impact some of the people closest to you. Being in business for yourself can subject you to more lenient tax laws, financial freedom, time freedom and more.

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