What You Missed!

We hold webinars every other week on Tuesday at 1pm PST and all our invited. If you haven’t made it to a webinar yet, here’s what you missed out on this week:

Tips for Beginners: Need to know how to set up your email, how to get in contact with your upline or what kind of storage we offer? We talked about it!

You Online Reputation: How you present yourself online can make or break you! Experienced successful affiliates shared their top tips for protecting and growing your reputation online!

Exactly How Many Products Does GDI Offer? It’s more than you think! We discussed the benefits of GDI products and some of the many ways you can market them.

So, don’t miss out on great information like this again! Join us on Tuesday, November 22 at 1pm PST. We’ll discuss expert tips, creating your own marketing videos and focus tips. Hope to see you there. Register here: www.register.gdiwebinars.ws

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