As the US Transitions Away from .com

You may have already noticed the trend away from .com names as your browse the Internet or use social media sites. Short country code top level domains (ccTLD) are everywhere these days. Click a link on Twitter, chances are it ends in “.ly.” Shortened Facebook links end in “.me.” This is more than a new trend; this is the changing face of the Internet and domain names.

What set Global Domains International (GDI) and and .ws apart from these other ccTLDS now being used by commercial entities?

  • GDI was one of the first companies to begin offering a ccTLD for commercial use effectively making .ws international from day one. With over 10 years experience doing so, we know how to market and position .ws domains and have already had much success. GDI is also the registrar for .ws, meaning all of the rights to .ws are owned by GDI. The experience, established business and internal power and notoriety of .ws  virtually unmatched by other ccTLDs being used commercially.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. The New York Times recently wrote on the importance of new short ccTLDs and their benefits to business. “One reason for the renewed push [for ccTLDs] is a shortage of potential names ending with the most widely used domain suffix, ‘.com.’ More than 90 million ‘.com’ addresses are already in use, and the companies that sell them say few combinations are still available.”

This signifies the ending of the strictly .com age and opens the doors for .ws to be a powerhouse.

With the Internet turning away from .com and towards ccTLDs to tell the story, now is your chance to capitalize on this opportunity.

Full New York Times Article can be found here:

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