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What Does Your Site Offer?

What does your site offer? It’s a simple question, but can you answer it? What your site offers is key to who you attract, what kind of traffic you get and the potential for leads and return visitors. If you’re looking for any of this it’s important that your site offers something for its visitors. If you’re looking for more traffic or sign ups, your website has to offer visitors a reason to stay and return to your site.

Think of what brings you to sites, what you have specific knowledge on or just what you want to share. This can be videos, educational content or support for potential GDI members. Your website needs to be more than a site, it needs to offer value to attract visitors and keep them coming. Now ask yourself, “What does my site offer?” If you can’t think of an answer to this question and you want more traffic, it’s time for a site overhaul. Give visitors value and they will keep coming back.

So, tell us! What does your site offer to visitors?